Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Audrey turns 4!!!!

It can't be our baby girl turned 4!!!! We must be old now LOL. We were luckly and the weather broke for just long enough to have her party out side (I'm not kidding it stopped raining for 4 hours enough time to set up have the party and then everyone headed indoors for presents when the clouds came back in)

The kids invented a side hoop game:

Kassidy poses for the camera

Present time:
of course all her friends wanted to help her open her gifts :)

She is one lucky and received a few toys but a whole slue of what she really wanted Fancy dresses:

Train Ride

We took a train ride with Grandma, just up the coast for 30 minutes, but the girls loved it!!

We had some lunch, frozen yogurt, watched the waves, and the the girls played on a playground for a few minutes.

We headed back to our train only to find out that it was running 30 minutes late!!! We entertained them and waited and waited and waited.

Finally we were on our way home :)

Audrey starts at a new Preschool

We found a new preschool for Audrey this year, A Child's center of Wonder and Discovery, and she loves it!!!

She is going great and loves her friends and teachers :)

Slacker LOL

Wow I can't believe it has been over 3 months since I blogged I am sitting in a quite house, the girls spent the night at grandma and grandpa last night, I am going to do some back blogging and get caught up (I hope).

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kassidy Starts Kindergarten

Kassidy started Kindergarten!!! Time flies by so fast. She did a great job and loves her new school and her new teacher.

sitting in the Queen chair with her new teacher Mrs. Papunhausen (Mrs. P)

she was dancing so well that Mrs. P called her up to help lead the class :)

Daddy and his big girl at her desk :)

Summer time

The family has been busy busy busy this summer. Here is a quick picture recap of our summer:

Kassidy Finished EAK with a class picnic:

Her with her Teacher Ms. Vaca

and mommy

her class

We spend The Forth of July at the Cabin moving wood, watching the parade and enjoying the sun.

The girls and I took a train ride with grandma to Solona Beach

We headed to the Zoo for Night Time Zoo:

Where we saw many many animals up close and personal :)
Love her face :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weigh in

I weighed in a day early this week due to having a day full of parties and date night on Saturday so I wanted to see where I was at.

187.5 another 2 lbs this week!!! whoo hoo!!

I felt that I didn't have a very good week in the way of points this week and was not expecting to lose anything this week so I was very surprised at the lose. But I am excited to get back at it this week, I'm hoping it will be easier with it being break these next 2 weeks.